First Baptist Church

        of Penfield

                       1862 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY, 14526

Sunday Schedule

Service: 9:30 to 10:30 am

     Children's Church

Fellowship: 10:30 to 11:00 am

Adult Hour:  11:00 to 12:00 pm

All are Welcome

The First Baptist Church of Penfield was established in 1804 in what is now an eastern suburb of Rochester, New York.

We are affiliated with American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region, and nationally with the American Baptist Churches, USA.

We welcome all to worship with us. Our congregation is a gathering of people who are diverse in theology and political opinions, but who are all seeking to know God in a deeper and more meaningful way.    

The First Baptist Church of Penfield continues striving to include all who seek Jesus as Lord- regardless of race, class, gender, disability, place of origin, or sexual orientation, identity, or expression.

Upcoming Events

April 21st

Flapjack Saturday


                  8am - 10 am


April 22nd

Congregational Meeting


                  11:00 am


April 29th

Cameron Community Dinner Prep/Service

11 am, NFH

Make Cornbread, Salad Prep, Desert Prep.


May 4th

Alex Gilson's Masters Degree Recital

Christ Church

141 East Ave. Rochester



May 5th

Chicken Barbeque


2 pm to 6 pm

$10.50 /meal

Dine in or Take Out



Dates and Times

Future dates and times MUST go to the church office for the general church calendar.


Church Directory

Please submit any changes of the past 18 months to the church office along with any emails you would like associated with your name.


Silverline at Lifespan

Connecting older, solitary adults with volunteers who have the gift of gab and sunshine in their voice.

Call: 585-287-6428 or to volunteer.


Coffee Hour

March 18th:  Pray/Stokes

March 25th: Zaengleins

April 1st:  TBD

April 8th:  Bonnie C., Liz Bueter

April 15th: Judy McNeil

April 22nd: TBD

April 29th: Phillips


April 22nd

Greeting: Roger Z.

Reading: Marian Lee K.

Ushering: Nancy and Roger Z.

Audio:  David Trump

Video:  Gregg Goodman

April 29th

Greeting: Yvonne and Jack O.

Reading: Pat Holderbaum

Ushering: Yvonne and Jack O.

Audio:  David Trump

Video:  Gregg Goodman

Visitor Number




As a safety and security measure, the rear doors off the parking lot will be closed and locked at 9:35 am.  If you arrive after 9:35 am, please enter the Sanctuary through the main doors at the front of the church.