On Friday evening September 7, 2001 the congregation was treated to an organ concert by Margaret Harris Smith, a great-great-great-granddaughter of our founding minister, Joseph Case. She included music popular in the 1870’s when her great-aunt, Emma Millard Rich, was the church organist here.

The congregation approved two classifications for benevolence giving in 2001. Ten percent of the operating budget would be used for mission as well as all designated special offerings taking during the year. The 10% funds from the operating budget would be distributed by the Deacons Board.

On Sunday, February 10, 2002, Chris Holloway was ordained in our church, and soon after, Lisa and Chris Holloway became co-pastors.

During 2002 a series of congregational welcome meetings were held at the Pastors' home. Gene Kohlenberg created a video presentation for the January annual meeting showing events during the year. A vacation Bible School welcomed 58 children from the community and congregation. The parking lot was repaved and porticos were added over the educational building doors with PVNS sharing in the cost. Penfield's Ecumenical Food Shelf had its fifth anniversary being housed in our church.

In 2003 a new Board of Missions was created to be responsible for the organization, administration and supervision of the mission ministry of the church. They also became responsible for the benevolence budget. Church membership was listed as 308. This reduction in numbers occurred after several years of going over membership records which had not been kept up to date.

The tragic termination of Rev. Lisa’s pregnancy in August 2002 created a time of grief and sadness for the Hollidays and the congregation., Finally, in August 2003, the Reverends Lisa and Christopher Holliday resigned from their positions and returned to the Kansas City area to serve a congregation there and be closer to family and old friends. Their brief ministry in Penfield was a time of preparation for the future. The congregation chose new hymnals, “Worship and Rejoice” and began to use both new and older hymns in Worship. The new hymnals were dedicated in October 2003. Chris had become Minister of Music in April of 2003 and the music program of the church benefited immensely from his leadership. Their work with young families, vigor in their ministry with youth and interest in the church school strengthened and renewed all who were involved with those ministries. Lisa created a renewed working relationship with Penfield Village Nursery School. Both Lisa and Chris were very involved in the Vacation Bible School program that introduced new families to our church.

In October 2003 Dr. William R. Herzog II returned as co-interim minister with Rev. Joanne Gilbert-Cannon. In February the congregation gathered for an all day retreat. In May a capital fund campaign, “Preserve the past, Prepare for the futurerdquo; successfully raised $123,000 (which included a $10,000 gift from Penfield Village Nursery School and Kindergarten). This was used to make repairs in both the church's buildings and the house next door used by our custodian’s family.

During 2004 the congregation celebrated its 200th year of ministry in Penfield with several events. A special logo was created. Tee shirts and clear glass suncatchers were designed for members of the congregation. The Bicentennial committee consisted of Susan Sparnecht, Elizabeth Lazarus, Marie Sandman, Mindy Keenan, Gene Kohlenberg, and Fritz May. Each month a brief presentation was made in Worship which told of significant events in the church's history, setting them in the context of our country's history. These presentations were printed in the Bicentennial Homecoming program book. A musical program, which featured songs and hymns from various times in our church life, was presented in March. Chris and Alexandra Collison were instrumental in the creation of a replica of the Sanctuary building for the Penfield Fourth of July Parade and many members marched or rode in the parade. The congregation gathered at the Green Lantern Inn in Fairport for a homecoming dinner on October 16th. The program was highlighted by a visual presentation of the church history prepared by Gene Kohlenberg and Jim Symonds. On Sunday, October 17th the final celebration of 200 years of service and ministry came to an end with worship and a conference call conversation first with Dr. Randolph Hellwig and then, Rev. Robert Towner. The year was one of celebration and excitement, as the church celebrated our rich heritage and the beginning of a third century serving the Penfield community and the world.

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