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First Baptist Church of Penfield

1862 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY, 14526


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Attending Church

We welcome all visitors to attend church services on Sundays from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.  Please allow yourself to wear comfortable, informal clothing- even if that is a suit and tie!  We are a diverse clothing congregation.

You may enter from the front ramp or either set of doors from the back parking lot.  

If before 9:30 am, Please take the stairs (or elevator) from the parking lot to the second floor.  Turn right and keep going until you reach a large gym like room (Old Fellowship Hall).  You enter the sanctuary from the central door (or elevator) ahead and to your left.

If AFTER 9:30 am, Please take the ramp at the front of the church.

Service Structure

Church service begins with announcements.

Three chimes are rung to signify the beginning of the service.

All readings and hymns are projected on the screen above the platform.

There is a time for prayers of the people and a collection is taken each service- a basket is passed around.

Communion is taken once, the first sunday of the month.  All are invited to partake of communion regardless of your religious affiliation.  Following communion and only on the first sunday of the month, the congregation gathers in a circle, holding hands, around the sanctuary and sings "Bless be the Tie that Binds".

Coffee and food is served in new Fellowship hall following most services during the spring, fall, and winter months.  You are invited to join us in our weekly sugar fix!  Please follow the crowd.

Newborns and Toddlers

We love to have young friends join us at church! They are welcome in the sanctuary, but if they need a place to make a joyful noise or let their wiggles out, we've got you covered!

Mrs. Laura Swail is available in the nursery to care for children from newborn through preschool during worship and second hour. Laura is certified in CPR/AED with additional pediatric CPR and first aid. She is the mother of two lovely, grown young ladies, has an Associate's Degree in Human Services and has cared for children in the Rochester area since 1984. Most importantly, she provides a loving and nurturing environment in which our youngest children are safe and secure while their parents and siblings are engaged in other church activities.

When there are opportunities for the little ones to join us, however, Laura makes a point of making sure that they are present to sing, ring bells, or participate in whatever manner they can.

Masking is optional.  

Please attend in whatever fashion you are comfortable with.